"The Negative," screens on TPT tonight at 10pm!

If you're a night owl, check out our second screening at 4am! It's the MNTV Short Film Showcase! MN Channel 2




 Hello Friends and Supporters of “The Negative,”

 We’ve been selected to screen in the 2016 MNTV Spring Showcase!

“The Negative” joins 16 other shorts, which represent some the most innovative works made in Minnesota.  It’s both a huge honor and it’s also awesome to say, “You can catch our film on TV!”

All Filmmakers were independently interviewed by Carrie Clark at Channel 2.  During my session, I suddenly felt like I was on the “Charlie Rose” show–fun!  We discussed a variety of filmmaking elements and challenges including: casting and directing actors, how to make a surreal story feel grounded, and how a great editor can save the day.  I’ll send the link your way when I get it.

Thanks again to our Supporters and Donors.  Without your financial contributions, commitment, and emotional support, this project never would have come to fruition.  You gave my Team a chance to tell our story–and we hope that we’ve made you proud in return. 

Screening Dates:

Saturdays May 7th, 14th and 21st at 10pm on TPT MN

Sundays May 1st, 8th and 22nd at 11pm on TPT2

Here’s more about the MNTV Program:

Seventeen recent short works by Minnesota filmmakers have been chosen for a new season of MNTV. An important showcase that has been funded by the Jerome Foundation for more than two decades, MNTV has evolved into an annual three-part series produced in collaboration with Independent Filmmaker Project Minnesota (IFP MN), Twin Cities PBS, and the Walker Art Center Film and Video Department. The new MNTV season will be broadcast state-wide, streamed online by TPT in the Spring of 2016, and installed in the Best Buy Film/Video Bay at the Walker Art Center.


HOT NEWS from our producer: 

Matt osterman's feature sci-fi mind-bender, "400 Days," will be released in the US January 2016!  

That's right, feature.  Written and Directed by Matt himself, shot in Los Angeles and surrounding areas by the dynamic cinematographer, Bo Hakala.  Between Matt and Bo, MN grown filmmakers are taking center stage!  "400 Days" is a fascinating combination of drama and near future science.  The premise is based on real experiments simulating space travel.  More on that another time...

This synaptic snapping adventure stars: Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, Dane Cook, and Tom Cavanagh!    


full circle

Hello Friends and Supporters of "The Negative,"

We're wrapping the "The Negative's"  awesome fest run in the very studio where the whole idea began!  Meet the "original Paul!"  See the window that inspired our trip to the the other side of the emulsion.  Experience the joy and irony of this project's full circle as you learn that Dane (and formerly Sabrina) work closely with Paul Irmiter.  They were the lead PAs on our film about a studio, only to become PAs in the studio the story was based upon.  Whoa. 

This is THE STUDIO where photography, memory, and destiny collide.  You seem... familiar.

But wait- there's more!  Paul Irmiter is screening his short music / artist doc, "Mo the Magician" (15 min).  This energetic piece is a glimpse into the passionate life of a self-made musician and community builder.  Don't miss this chance to see Cuba as it may never be again!  Talk to Paul and Dane about their journey!





3359 36TH AVE S

MPLS, 55406




Hello Friends and Supporters of "The Negative,"

Please join us at the BLB and enjoy beer while embarking on a mind-bending film trip!

It's Cinema Lounge- and the theme is "Venturing into the Unknown!"  Sponsored by IFP and hosted by the gracious Austin Anderson and the inquisitive Josh Carlton. 

What could be better than beer and movies?  Don't answer that.  It's pretty high up there.

Where: The Bryant Lake Bowl (Bryant Avenue and Lake Street, Minneapolis)

When: Weds, April 15th (aka Tax Day- another good reason for beer)

Time: Doors at 6:30, shorts start at 7pm


cinema lounge screening at the blb and colorado reminder!

Hello Indie Film Aficionados,

MPLS Crew, we'll be showing "The Negative" and talking shop at Cinema Lounge on April 15th (7pm). This interactive screening / discussion series takes place at the Bryant Lake Bowl.  What could be better than drinking beer and talking about movies?  This event will be a blast! I was there this past Weds, and it was an energized packed house!

Attn: Colorado Film Freaks, "The Negative" will be screening in Salida, Colorado - Saturday, February 28th!  It's part of an all day 10am-10pm Indie Film Extravaganza!    We're delighted to be a part of this new Film Outreach event. If you're in this mountainous neighborhood, please stop in and take the trip into our "Twilight Zone."

fyi: Salida is a quaint and vibrant community nestled between mountains and state parks in southern Colorado.  



We're Off to the Salida Film festival in Colorado!


Hello Friends and Supporters of "The Negative,"

We're pleased to announce that our suspense-filled short will be playing again in Colorado!  Here's the note from the Indie Spirit Fest director, Steve Kurtz:

"In our effort to expand the market for Indie Spirit and share our love of Independent Film with rural Colorado communities we are excited to announce that your film "The Negative" will be screened as part of the "Indie Spirit Film Festival on the Arkansas" in Salida, Colorado on February the 28th.

Working with the Salida Arts Council we've selected your film out of this years official selections to screen at this 1 day event in Salida at the SteamPlant Events Center.  Salida is a beautiful town West of Colorado Springs on the Arkansas River, they boast a very vibrant arts community and are very excited to have partner with ISFF for this event."

If you enjoy the (original) "Twilight Zone" series or if you get entranced by the "David Lynch vibe" our film is a must see for you!





Hello Supporters and Fans of "The Negative,"

Hop on-board, our film is headed down to the Bayou!  That's right, we're screening in New Orleans!  We're especially honored to be accepted into this (very) competitive festival.  Here's a note from Daniel Martone, curator of the Big Easy:

" ...I am very excited about this year’s lineup of films. We received 387 submissions and accepted 35 films total."

"Whew," is all I can say.  A big shout-out and congrats to my cast, crew, and all of you who have helped make this vision into a film!  Note: I've perused other films that will be screening at Big Easy, and unique works will be the norm, rather than the exception. This fest looks good indeed!  C'mon down for some great films, music, and more!

BIG EASY (in it's 8th season) runs December 12-14!




"The Negative" Hits the Road, Colorado's Indie Spirit Fest!


Hello Friends and Supporters of "The Negative,"

  Well, we've caught the spirit, the Indie Spirit that is.  We're thrilled to announce that "The Negative" will be screening at a gem of a film festival this October.  The Indie Spirit Film Festival makes a point of seeking out projects with unique vision and challenging perspectives.  We're honored and excited to be screening with them.  Here's a snippet of the message they sent our way:

 "After months of viewing hundreds of films submitted from around the globe the 7th Annual Indie Spirit Film Festival Selection Committee would like to present a collection of independent films that are both entertaining and thought provoking."


photographers used to have this thing called-- "knowledge"

"Photographers used to have this THING called, knowledge."

-  quote from Paul (Raye Birk)


Note: the feature that we screened in front of, "Leaving Circadia," has blown up!  Check it out wherever you can!



"The Negative" Set to Screen in South Dakota!


Hello Friends and Supporters of "The Negative,"

We're happy to let you know that our film continues to reach new viewers!  This September, we're excited to be screening at the South Dakota Film Festival.  Here's part of the note the programmers sent our way,

"Congratulations! ... We had over 300 entries this year and the jury had the difficult task of choosing around 70 films to play. It is getting harder each year to make it into our festival. You, your cast and crew should be very proud."

Well, we are.  But we're also humbled with gratitude.  This project would never have left the desk without your support.  It's just true.  I"m amazed that our idea gets to glow on the screen for a new audience.  Thanks again!

And join us if you can! Call your Central Plains pals and sent them down!

South Dakota Film Festival, Sept 24-28, 2014 in Aberdeen, SD




Note: we had a blast at The South Dakota Film Fest!
Go there if you ever get the chance.  It's like "Burning Man" for filmmakers and actors.  Okay- not exactly, but it's a heckuva a fest.  Don't be fooled by it's size, SDFF brings in a wealth of talent, audience, and promotes the exchange of stories.  Short on pretension, but BIG on networking, it brings together an excellent mix of film-making folks and movie lovers from the Midwest, LA, NYC, and elsewhere. 


"The Negative" Heads to FILMQUEST!


“The Negative” has been selected to screen at FilmQuest, an exciting new genre festival in Salt Lake City, Utah!   Hanging out in the canyons?  Dust off your boots and check out our film:



Winner - Audience Choice Best Short"

Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival 2014



That’s right folks. We’ve made something thought-provoking. It has suspense, humor, and a surprising perspective. Movie-goers are enjoying our film and asking great questions. It’s really all we could ask for.

It still amazes me that “The Negative” exists. Three years ago it was an idea. A year and half ago it was a screenplay. I had no idea how to make it. Matt Osterman and Jeremy Wilker stepped in and helped get the ball rolling. A resourceful crew began to emerge. Wonderful actors arrived. Then you guys pitched in. That’s when we had to make it. Thanks again for your support (and push)!  It's now a polished film, finding it's way on the festival circuit.

Thanks again for your support, belief, and encouragement-

Cheers- Ted, Matt, and the Team



Note:  Well this was really a treat!  We enjoyed a packed house and we got the most questions from the audience Q and A!

Later in the week, I couldn't find us in the rankings.  I decided to feel thankful none-the-less.  Then Stacy said, "Hey dude, look up!"  And there we were in the Top 15 of the whole she-bang.  Unreal- in the good way.

Thankful yes!










Quick reminder- "The Negative," will be screening at MSPIFF this Thursday!

Screening: Thurs, April 10th 6:30pm Saint Anthony Main MN Shorts 8

Here's the link: http://mspfilm.org/films-and-events/the-negative/

Come on down and join us!  We can't wait to see you!  Make sure to get your tickets early, the short showcase is known to sellout.  Wow.

MSPIFF is the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival It attracts around 40,000 movie-goers each year! It's been one of my favorite fests for years and years. For more info on the 2014 line-up, click here: http://mspfilm.org/festivals/the-festival-2014/

More info on "The Negative" click here: http://www.thenegativefilm.com/

Thanks from Ted, Matt, Jeremy, and the Crew!

shooting day 1

shooting day 1










The Negative Hits the Big Screen in Minneapolis!

Hello Friends and Supporters of "The Negative,"

We've got BIG news!  We're thrilled to announce that "The Negative" has been selected by theMinneapolis Saint Paul International Film Fest!  This festival is one of the Midwest's finest, attracting over 40,000 movie-goers each year.  MSPIFF showcases films from around the world, as well as a selection of locally made productions.  We're honored and excited to be screening here!  Please come on down and join us:

      Thursday, April 10th       6:30 pm      Saint Anthony Main Theater

Here's our link: http://mspfilm.org/films-and-events/the-negative/  

We'll be showing as part of the Shorts Program 8: Shorts, MN Style!

Thanks again for your support, dedication, and encouragement.  We wouldn't be here without you!

Cheers- Ted, Matt, and the Team

Saint Anthony Main Theater is located at 115 SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55414 


"The Negative" Premiers at FLYWAY!


We’re thrilled to announce that “The Negative” will enjoy it’s 

WORLD PREMIERE at the Flyway Film Festival!  
We screen Sunday, October 20th at 5pm!


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Flyway, it’s one of the top indie festivals in the Midwest (and one of our favorites anywhere).  We're delighted and honored to be screening there.  And don’t be fooled by it’s size, this fest is both regional and international.  I've seen well crafted, unique films there each year -even a short starring Gerard Depardiue!  I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Here’s what Wonder Russell, actress and filmmaker, had to say-

Flyway feels like the kind of idealized fest that a young Robert Redford dreamed of: attracting high-quality films and people, creating an opportunity for learning and sharing…”

I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve been addicted to the Flyway for the last four years.  Each year I’ve seen a film (or several) that have “wowed” me.  Flyway is also a great (and earnest) networking place.  Most films have a representative or two there.  Directors, cinematographers, actors, crew- and people who love film, especially indie-style, pack the town(s).

Please come down and join us!  We can’t wait to screen our film for you!

Directions and then some:

The Flyway Film Festival is located in scenic Stockholm and Pepin, Wisconsin (about  1.5 hrs from Minneapolis). 

Directions:  http://mapq.st/1alJyME

There are both fine dining and pub-style places to eat and socialize.  There's also discounted sailing trips (on Lake Pepin), a pie shop, an espresso shop, an art gallery, antique shops, B&Bs, and more.  Come down early and stay for a thrilling trip with "The Negative."  Bring your bad-self, your family, pals-  let's pack the place!

Fine dining: http://www.harborviewpepin.com/

We couldn't do this without you. Your generous support and belief in our project has made all the difference.  Thanks again for helping us on this journey-

Cheers—Ted (and the Team)















A Puzzling Picture Indeed!

Hello Supporters and Fans of “The Negative,”

It's been a little while since we've spoken, so I'd like to let you know that our project is coming together terrifically.  In my previous update, I described the challenge of editing in this way, "to complete a puzzle where some pieces must fit logically, but others must fit instinctively."  This has proven to be true. As we were editing, a new inspiration arrived.  We realized that there was a puzzle piece (yet unmade) that could both complete our project and make it better. We did one day of pick-up shots (last Monday) and created the piece that we envisioned.  It was a wonderful experience to work with the cast and crew again- and to revisit the characters.  

Charles Hubbell and Abby Augusta delivered stellar performances yet again.

Unexpected magic happened.  One scene, that was initially shot for coverage, was so moving that it’s now the primary take in our edit. 

Currently, we are inserting our new scene sections into our master edit.  The piece has already become more visually rich and emotionally engaging. We can't wait to screen it for you. 

That said, here's our general schedule: We get the edit done in early August.  This is called "picture lock."  From there, we submit this cut to a few of our favorite festivals.  At the same time, the film continues to be worked on.  We deliver this edit to our score composer, our special effects team, our credit creation team, and our master sound team.  We take August and some of September to put all the finishing touches together.  "The Negative" is ready to screen come October.  We'll keep you posted!

We haven't forgotten about your rewards!  We have a wonderful designer on-board our team now.  We’re thrilled to have the fabulous Katie Mac on our roster.  We've re-vamped our logo, art, and poster.  Items will be sent out soon!  Thanks again for your support (and patience).

We couldn't do this without you.  Your generous support and belief in our project has made all the difference.  Thanks-

Cheers- Ted and the Team





Hello Supporters and Fans of "The Negative,"

  Great news!  Up and coming Composer, Nic Delcambre, has joined our team!  He's a top student of feature film score composer (and instructor) Sean McMahon.

 Sean, Matt, and I had a great meeting at Tracy's Saloon on Monday evening.  Sean digs our story and the rough cut got his "sound-inclined" wheels turning.  We discussed synthesized versus real instrumentation.  We believe that we can pull off a hybrid creation, featuring either a cellist or violinist.  This is cool.  Talking through this process reminded me of the collaboration between David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.  We all chimed in with our favorite film scores and our thoughts on what mood and tempo to create for "The Negative."  Though we won't begin incorporating a score until picture lock (when the final cut has been established), we are very excited to have Sean on-boardas a consultant and Nic as our composer!

Notes: Sean is currently the Department Head of Composition & Songwriting at the McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, MN.



Here's a link to Angelo Badalamenti describing the creation of the Twin Peaks" mood:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwvSFOEfHJE  

Tracy's Saloon Shout-Out!  Go there.  Great new menu.  2207 East Franklin Ave. Mpls

Thanks again for all your support!  We are making a beautiful piece and along the way, great connections.  We wouldn't be here without you!

Cheers- Ted and the Team



Processing The Negative



Hello Supporters and Fans of "The Negative,"

We've watched all of our takes and have found our favorite moments from each scene. We're excited to feel both truth and humor through our actors' stellar performances. Now we're on to the editing, the enjoyable and maddening task of putting the puzzle pieces together. It's a fascinating process.  This is where we shape the story again. I feel a photo analogy coming on. The editing process is similar to printing in the darkroom. It's not as straight-forward as people may think. Though you have the negative, the print must be crafted as it's own piece. You dodge, burn, and work to get the tones of the image to become rich, subtle, and powerful.  Ansel Adams said something akin to, "You make the negative out in the world, but you give it soul in the darkroom." That's what we're working on now, getting that soul to shimmer.

We're digging into the first scene-- here we go!

Last bit: thanks again for all your support! We're excited to be editing and will keep you posted on our progress!




Hello fans and supporters of "The Negative"-

  Thanks again for the best gift ever!  We can't wait to take our vision to the screen!

  Tues news:  We're taking it easy today, and hope that you are as well.  That said, we're looking forward to starting up the engines tomorrow and getting back to the (fun) work.  Over the next week we hope to: narrow down our casting, finalize our storyboards, walk through our shots on location, and get our special effects testing gear readied.  

   Ted's Top Eateries: As many of us have friends and family visiting the TC, here are my favorite spots to eat and impress (mainly breakfast / brunch joints)-

1) Birchwood Cafe:  3311 East 25th Street, Mpls 55406.  Their Mexican hot chocolate is spicy, delicious, and just the thing to kick out the Winter chill.  Their sweet or savory waffles are also unfairly delicious.  And if you've built up a lunch or dinner appetite, try their turkey burger.

2) Maria's Cafe: 1113 East Franklin Ave, Mpls 55404.  Corn pancakes. They are unreal, as if sent down by the Heavens.  The huevos pericos is also a wonderful savory dish, but I have distant friends that write to me and inquire about that one "pancake place." 

3) Modern Times Cafe: 3200 Chicago Ave S, Mpls 55407.  Their spicy "Southside Hash" is my favorite dish.  It can be served with real sausage or a veggie sausage option.  The wait staff consists of punk / Clash-influenced beauties.  Not your cup of tea?  Try the coffee. I thought that would sound clever, but I'm wrong sometimes.  Great mix of meat and veggie / vegan options!

4) Victor's 1959 Cuban Cafe: 3756 Grand Ave S., Mpls 55409.  Their sweet plantain omelet or eggs Havanna are my favorite dishes.  The fried yuca (with guava jam) is the best side ever!

Not Top Four, but darn good: Colossal Cafe 1839 East 42nd St., Mpls 55407.  Old style flap jacks and terrific omelets.  Limited seating, so get there early.

Last bit: for coffee and scones try either, The Mayday Cafe or Peace Coffee.  Whew- this became quite a list.  Kinda hungry now- gotta go!




Firstly, there is someone who I have forgotten to thank.  Tiffany Moy is an outstanding actress and  model.  It was her face that promoted "The Negative."  Thanks Tiff!  

Thurs News: I had a great consultation / critique with acting coach and film guru, Bill Cooper.  It was a clarifying and inspiring meeting as our casting choices are both tough and also vital.  It was helpful to discuss choices with a filmmaker who has "been there."  Bill's also great at locating the core of the story.  http://www.billcooper.info/ 

  Fri news: Matt and I met at Maria's Cafe this morning.  Look- if you're going to hash out the tough stuff like: equipment rental rates, performer pay, food cost, editing costs, and production costs--Maria's is the place to do it.  Their sweet corn pancakes soften the bitter of the hard choices.

Thanks again all!  We did it!  More updates this Monday.  Have a good weekend-  Ted

And thanks again to: Matt, Jeremy, Sabrina, Dane, Sydnee, Stacy S, Meeni, the MPC, and Big R




We just blew the doors off- and hit our Fundraising Goal!  This was you- your support, your belief, and in large measure- your gamble on us.  We are honored that you have backed our project and we can't wait to start making the best- lovely, creepy, and thoughtful film that we can.

Ted's desk: folks, thanks.  This is such a great opportunity to take an idea and make it into living art.  It was 22 drafts and a stack of scribbled storyboards. All the alone time makes you wonder if it will ever leave the desk.  You just let me know that it will.  I can't wait to get working!

Our Campaign officially continues until 11:59 tonight.  If you haven't contributed and would like to- Please Do.  All the funds we raise make our project stronger.

From: Ted, Matt, Jeremy, Sabrina, Big R, Meeni, Sydnee, and Dane-- thanks!



Hello Fans of "The Negative"--

We are just $684 away from our safety goal of $3,500.  Please keep the fire going!  With your help, we're going to make it!  

Here are a few actor stills from our audition tapes!  Don't be alarmed, the gentleman with glasses (yours truly), will be directing this one.  It's truly amazing to have talented folks bring the screenplay to life.  I wanted to share a bit of this with you.  And as stated, we are blessed to have tough choices ahead.  Also- we have auditioned about twenty actors, so this is a sample.

   a beautiful and strange film is on the way!

Thanks again-- Ted (and the Negative crew, who are actually, quite positive)