Story:  Trevor, a lonely photographer’s assistant, is busy scanning old negatives.  Winds outside the studio swirl as a thunderstorm strikes.  Someone is at the door.  She is beautiful, somehow familiar, "Eve," she says.  Their unexpected meeting reveals a peculiar connection, but her odd behavior suggests she might not be telling the whole truth.  Something is wrong with this picture.


Idea:  When I began writing "The Negative," the words were arriving on their own.  You know that almost scary side of inspiration?  When the concepts and phrases come in like a comet, with such scorching speed and heat that you can barely keep up?  That's how it started.  After “manic-writing” the first two pages the heat dissipated, I felt a chill.  I wondered if I was alone at home.  I re-read the first bit.  It was creepy in a subtle way, and honest underneath.  There was no turning back, I'd have to keep going.   That was two years and 22 drafts ago.