About Ted Hall (Writer / Director):

"The Negative" is Ted's first funded Directing project.  Thanks Kickstarter backers!  

Ted is both a stage and film trained actor.  He feels that this experience helps him to direct emotionally grounded performances.  Ted has performed in 4 feature films and in over 25 short films.  

He currently has two short screenplays in the works.  His brain is on fire.  Stay tuned!

Ted is also an accomplished photographer.  He shoots his personal work with a vintage 4x5 camera.                                    


About Matt Osterman (Producer): 

HOT NEWS: Matt's feature sci-fi mind-bender, "400 Days," will be released in the US January 2016!  This synaptic snapping adventure stars: Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, Dane Cook, and Tom Cavanagh!  Find out more about "400 Days" here:   


Matt is an award-winning screenplay writer and filmmaker.  His debut feature, "Ghost from the Machine," took the Midwest by storm.  This thoughtful horror film (yes, I said that) enjoyed a long festival run, screened at a variety of theaters, took home trophies, and was purchased and distributed worldwide.  Universal later purchased story rights for a potential Hollywood re-make.  




About Jeremy Wilker (Director of Photography): 

Jeremy's cinematic achievements include two recent feature shoots.  Check out his spectacular lens work in award-winning, Triumph 67.  Jeremy's most recent project is the comedic and dramatic "coming of age whilst coming out" narrative, "Death to Prom."  Co-produced with the quieter guru, Matt Stenerson, this rollicking feature is hitting the festival circuit.